Not many of us consider reciporcating saws, crow bars, ladders, and scaffolding part of our normal beekeeping toolbox. One recent summer morning, I met Bill Huntingdon at a house in Riverside, and that’s exactly what he was removing from his truck.

He was there to remove some bees that had made a home under the soffit. I was there to watch. The bees even worked their way into the attic to the point they would swarm the light when the homeowner went to the attic.  So we went to work from the inside out.

As you will see in the photos, Bill lights his smoker in the attic. The roll of insulation makes a nice backdrop. The bees got a bit testy after he started chasing them around with the bee vac.

Fast forward ten hours.

The bees were resting comfortably in a bee vac, the house was put back together, and the brood comb was fastenend to Bill’s Warre top bar frames with some rubberbands. The bees were going to be transplanted to his bee yard.

Despite my best efforts to “work” at getting the photos, I eventually found myself sucking bees off the roof. Enjoy the photo slideshow.