A collection of our favorite free, open-source, and public domain books about honeybees and beekeeping.

The Anatomy of the Honey Bee
R.E. Snodgrass
Anatomy.of.the.Honeybee.Snodgrass.1910 “As a world authority on insect anatomy, Snodgrass has given us in this book a brilliant account of the anatomy of the honey bee and how it relates to the way that bees develop and how and why they function as they do in their interesting communal life. This book should be in the library of every student of the honey bee and bee behavior—beekeepers as well as scientists. The book is delightfully written and is enjoyable reading.”—American Bee Journal
Beekeeping Basics
MAAREC / Penn State University
College of Agricultural Services / Cooperative Extension

This manual is all about beekeeping—understanding honey bee biology, getting started, managing bee colonies for fun and/or profit—and is designed to help you become a successful beekeeper. Welcome to the world of beekeeping.
Beekeeping in the United States
United States Department of Agriculture
This handbook provides readers with a better understanding of beekeeping in the United States. Some topics discussed are the life history of the honey bee; bee behavior; breeding and genetics of honey bees; queens, packaged bees, and nuclei; managing colonies for high honey yield and crop pollination; dis-eases and pests of honey bees; and effects of pesticides on honey bee mortality. The handbook also lists beekeeping organizations and some statistics on bees
and honey.
The Hive and the Honey-Bee
L. L. Langstroth
The.Hive.And.The.Honey.Bee.Langstroth.1853 The Classic Beekeeper’s Manual.
Beekeeping for All
Abbé Warré
Beekeeping.for.All.Warre.1948 The original text in which Warré describes his unique hive design and shares his thoughts on beekeeping. Translated from the original French version.
Bait Hives for Honeybees
Thomas Seeley, et. al.
Bait.Traps The authoritative source for information on making and using bait hives to capture swarms.
Australasian Bee Manual
Isaac Hopkins
Bait.Traps A classic reference text by one of the early pioneers of queen breeding