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February Check-In

It was in the low 50s in Central PA on the 27th of February. Of course we’re going to check the bees!

A Yellowjacket Tries to Enter a Beehive…

I recorded this video today at the entrance to one of my hives. I’ve slowed the video down to 1/6 of real-time. Notice how the bees bite the legs of the yellowjacket, chasing it away.

Be sure to switch the resolution of the video to “480p” in the lower right of the video window in order to see the best quality picture. (This option will appear after you click the Play icon.)

Video: Protein Patty

Video of a hived swarm collecting pollen and nectar from a protein patty.  This patty was made by combining protein suppliment (Dadant’s MegaBee) with sugar syrup.